Image quality

Image quality

Image quality for web, powerpoint, screen, etc. 72 ppi

Images for web etc. downloades in .jpg-format to maximum quality (11/12) Downloads are in different size up to 1500 pixel on the long side. Webphotos are with sRGB colourprofile, with applied sharpening (Unsharp Maske). Here are an example (Copyright © Bert Wiklund) of downloaded quality

Image quality for printing 300 ppi

In the table you can see the size etc. of the different Originals. All sizes are minimum. You can experience bigger size sometimes.
Examples of Originals shows a detail in100% of the download quality at @300ppi.

Orginal Pixel Print size @ 300 ppi Example
Digital 24,5 MP 6048x4032 51x34 cm minimum A3 Example
24x36 mm. Slidefilm 3600x2500 31x21 cm A4 Example
6x7 cm. Slidefilm 3700x3000 31x25 cm minimum A4 Example
6x9 cm. Slidefilm 5000x3500 45x30 cm minimum A3 Example
6x12 cm. Slidefilm 7000x3500 60x30 cm Example
5x12 cm. Slidefilm 8700x3600 70x30 cm Example
4x5" Slidefilm 7000x5600 60x45 cm minimum A2 Example
Digital 36,3 MP 7360x4912 62x42 cm minimum A2 Example

Downloaded images for print are in .jpg, without further compresion(12/12). This quality can be printed in full delivered size. Images are with Adobe RGB (1998) colourprofile. Optimized for printing without out of gamut, to CMYK (Euroscale coated v2) The downloaded images are without any appplied sharpening (Unsharp Maske) Important to pass this information to lay-out/printer.

Merged digital files are of different sizes. Most are around 6-7000 pixel on the short side. Long side are at a maximum of 30000 pixel, due to limitation of the .jpg-format. This very big photos are downloaded at 30000 pixel, despite Original over 30000 pixel. If you wish over 30000 pixel in size, it will be delivered as .tif. Print size @300 ppi can roughly be calculated saying that 6000 pixel are 50 cm. Example: Image Nr. 118464 are ORIGINAL 5975x15081 pixel. That image can be printed 50x125 cm. @300 ppi!

All Original Slidefilm are drum scanned in a professional 16-bit quality, in a calibrated Mac-environment. Scannings are meticulous manual cleaned. Slidefilm can be scanned to bigger size if needed.