Image search

Image Search

Any picture can be found in a variety of ways. With categories, keywords, image numbers and cross references the images are found.
The philosophy is that the initial search results in something close to the desired. The precise image are then found by using cross-references.

The simplest way to start searching is to go to the Main Categories. These are listed, so that the top rows are of Danish images only. In the middle rows the images are not specific to any country. The lowest rows is based on country of origin.
You will be transferred to the main categories by clicking on "Bert Wiklund Photographer", or on "To main categories"

Each main category is divided into several sub categories. It often pays of to review all sub categories, when searching for a specific image.
Click on a sub category that looks promising and start browsing the thumbnails. The top slideshow are now whith images of that particular sub category. By clicking on a thumbnail you will get a pop-up window with the image at larger scale. In this window, you will be presented with info on the image, by keywords under the headline Info/Keyword. All keywords are links and cross references to images associated with that particular word. The categories listed under Categories works in the same way.

Search by keywords

The search function does not distinguish between upper- and lowercase.
After you have typed three letters in the input field, you will be shown a list of suggestions matching the word (This function is not available on some older browser and operating systems). Select a word with the arrow keys on your keyboard, or click on the desired word with your mouse, and press enter

Combination of words

If you want to search for, lets say beechforest with snow, start typing bee.... , if beechforest is on the suggestion list, select it with the arrow keys and thus filling the input field with beechforest, or simply just type the whole thing in the input field. Keep in mind that the system removes any prepositions (with, by, on, etc.) After beechforest add a blank space and then enter snow and click search. It should be noted that the suggestion list only lists the suggestions that would produce a result, this is particularly relevant when entering two or more words. The results from a search containing more than one word will produce the most matching images first. Further down the page(s), images only matching two words of a three word search. In the case of a two word search only images matching both words will be found.

Search by wilcard/joker

The * asterics-character replaces letters. This can be used if you are in doubt about spelling. You can also use it instead of endings. If you enter snow* in the search field and press search, the results will include snowfall, snowball etc. If you put * on both sides of snow you will get images associated with a keywords contains snow. The asterisks sign is omitted in suggestion searches.
Example; if you are searching for forest only, you will get no result. All forest are specified as spruceforest, oakforest etc.. But by typing *forest, you get all kind of forest.

Search by image number

Enter the image number in the input field and click search. If you want to search for several image, the numbers must be divided by comma e.g 123,456,78910

Search by Latin names

It is possible to search for both the species and/or genus or the whole name.

Foreign locations: As far as possible foreign locations are written in the local language.

Search by month alone is not possible, since this would produce too large a result. Many sub categories are divided by seasons. It is anyhow possible to search by a month plus any other keyword(s).

In some categories there are links to lists, for instance birds, by looking up in the list, it is possible to find the species in a more systematic way.