On assignment
Completion of an assignment will never be compromised by poor quality.
If you emphasize creativity and quality, you are guaranteed safe as a customer.
Aerial photo Small Belt, for Manor of Faenoe

Aerial photography

Aerial photography is done by means of rented plane and pilot.
For the best result, an early booking is nessesary to ensure the best possible weather conditions.

International photography

The international environment calls for experience, Bureaucracy, transport and climate also nessesitate improvisation.
The photographer is often seen as a representative of the company. This demands ethical and religious respect.
25 years of international experience as a professional photographer is at you disposal

Windfarm Zafarana, Egypt for Vestas


Short period assignments are rated at 750dkr. per hour excl. VAT, incl materials, except possible modelling fees.
Transport is rated at 3,30dkr./km.
Long term assignments are agreed as a full package, based on the ordering part is providing the following: Transport, plane, hotel, and accomodation. Reproright and photos become the property of the orderer.

Image guarantee

If the images do not meet the expectations, expenses, except transportation, accomodation etc., are not invoiced.
In that case the images will be the property of Bert Wiklund.

Inquiries concerning ordering is best done by telephone +45 40286815